Taipei #1 – Shing Hwa tea house


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We spent just a few days in Taipei during our trip. First afternoon after our arrival we only wanted to accommodate and visit Wistaria tea room and take a rest. It was quite rainy day. Maybe 400m far from the Wistaria tea house, we finally got into Shing Hwa tea house.

It was exactly what we needed that night, after long flight from Europe. Tea master settled us and prepared one of the best teas we have ever tried.

We started with AliShan Shyian Gaba, because we asked for tea with higher oxidation. This special gaba tea was really extraordinary experience. Tea grown at 1650 m above sea level at Ah Li mountain, high mountain area with cloudy mists, with very short sunshine period. Tea smells very sweet like vanilla and orchids, taste is floral sweet with very smooth aftertaste – amazing gaba oolong.

After this gaba treasure we tried Lishan Jhen Pin, low oxidized high mountain oolong. Lishan is grown at attitudes above 2000 m above sea level, hand picked and processed in mountains. Thanks to that it is tea without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Again amazing experience, sweet, smooth, very floral oolong.

Tea master was very kind, with nice english and his tranquility was like a gift in combination with tea. At that moment, I really realised, that I also need to find out that calmness, at least for a short moment during the day. It was much more, than just a tea!

Very nice tea house with top quality teas. I can only recommend it!

Beautiful main tearoom light!


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